There are many different ways to chill out from your daily work routine..... 
There are many different ways to chill out from your daily work routine, at the moment mine involves jumping onto this ‘flying machine’ and taking a virtual tour over Engadin in the Swiss alps😎, it may seem, on the surface at least, a bit off track from sports massage therapy, but what’s important to understand is that this ‘escapism’ or taking time out to detach from your normal routine is also something that applies to at least 50% of my customers who book a massage treatment. Initially, they book in as a result of aches and pains in their body, but overtime it’s become apparent to me that it’s just as much about about taking time out for themselves, headspace, or whatever you want to call it, as it is about physical therapy. 
The latest developments in software for this device are even more beneficial in the area of mind and body wellbeing, the graphics are superb and designed in collaboration with Reality maps so if you want to just escape your surroundings for a few minutes and get lost, this type of gentle Active VR experience feels amazing! 
My service has been, and still is, based around deep tissue sports massage, but I feel it is of added value to customers to provide access to some innovative technology created for the sole purpose of allround wellbeing. 
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