I'll be re-opening from July 24th onwards, so in preparation for this... 
I am open from July 24th onwards, and in preparation for reopening my sports massage service, I’d like to make you aware of the efforts that I am taking to ensure a Covid secure environment, and to make your experience as safe and pleasant as possible: 
1. Please refrain from booking an appointment If you have any, or all of, the symptoms of increased body temperature, a new or persistent cough, a change in sense of taste or smell, or simply feel unwell. 
2. ALL appointments must be booked ONLINE, not by phone call, or text message. 
3. When you enter the Albion Court building, please use the lift to go up, and the stairs to go down, except where specific access requirements are needed, (such as a wheelchair/mobility scooter, or knee, hip or back problems) to ensure a one way system inside the main communal areas of the building is maintained. 
4. I’ll be using touchless infrared sanitiser dispensers before and after every treatment session, and on a continual basis whenever I’m there, and these dispensers are also for you to use as well, whenever you’re here. There are also sanitiser dispensers in the main reception when you enter the Albion Court building. 
5. A significant time gap will be allowed between every treatment, whether it is for a 30,45 or 60 minute treatment, so I can thoroughly clean and spray disinfect the treatment table, and all other contact surfaces in my workspace. 
6. I’ll be wearing a considerable amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the treatment, in line with the current guidelines, and as a further measure, and for your reassurance, I can also wear a PAPR device (powered air purification) throughout your treatment, if you prefer me to do so. 
It is also to become mandatory from 25th July for everyone to wear a mask in shops/businesses/enclosed spaces, so you can either wear your own, or I can supply you with a disposable one (FREE) 
7. The air conditioning system will be turned off, and ventilation will be provided by opening the window to create increased airflow through the room, the room heating (if required) will be provided by a seperate source that is not linked to the centralised air conditioning system. 
8. Where possible, please pay online with a card, or alternatively, you can pay in person using Contactless, Android pay, Apple Pay, American Express, Visa and MasterCard. 
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