With a passion for fitness Hopi has pursued a career in the fitness and sports massage industry.... 
With a passion for fitness, Hopi has pursued a career in the fitness and sports massage industry, 
completing Level 3 Diplomas in Sports Massage Therapy, Personal Training and 
Gym Instruction, with distinction. 
Hopi leads a very active lifestyle and uses a calisthenics-based approach to her 
own work-out (body-weight exercises). Her experience is that this achieves 
superb strength with a grace of movement which supports and compliments 
the body in everyday tasks as opposed to merely building muscle. 
A mother of two small children, being fit and agile is a necessity! 
She is a keen Aerial Arts enthusiast, performing gymnastics based movement 
on Aerial Silks, Hoop and Corde Leese. 
She also enjoys and benefits from regular Deep Tissue Massage, understanding 
first-hand how well a tight and tired body responds - ‘resetting’ the muscles 
and aiding recovery time. 
Hopi brings a broad range of techniques to her 
work. Following a thorough Postural Assessment she will provide you with a 
bespoke client-based treatment plan. 
Deep tissue massage and personal training, focusing on core work, are her specialities. 
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