A change of season often brings with it a change of weather..... 
It’s always sunny here! 
A change of season often brings with it a change of weather, and a change of feeling, either in body or mind, which can sometimes be accompanied by a few aches and pains. ‘hunching’ your shoulders up as you go about your daily activities is one of the most common responses to your environment, and your thought patterns, both of these factors will have an effect on muscle tension around the upper back and neck in particular, as well as lower back pain and restriction of movement. The trigger for this type of postural response can vary from one person to another, it’s usually your body’s way of telling you to chill out a little bit, and breathe easy! 
You can often find that trying a few new activities or therapeutic exercise can make a difference, whether it is tai chi, yoga, pilates, massage or virtual reality flying machines! Whatever sparks your curiosity, it’s worth building it into your daily routine. Recently I’ve found that clients/patients like to hear the sound of waves on a beach in the back ground whilst they have some strong deep tissue massage, it perhaps takes the ‘sting’ out of some intense therapy, but the end result is they feel much more chilled out at the end of the treatment👌 
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