The first time a new customer books in for a sports massage.... 
The first time a new customer books in for a sports massage it is usually because of a specific niggle, or issue in their muscles somewhere in their body, either as a result of a particular activity, or as something that has been building up gradually over time and causing increasing discomfort to the point where they can’t get comfortable or it is affecting their everyday life, as well as sporting performance. 
Sports massage forms a part of this initial recovery, (depending on what the problem is) it is sometimes the case that just 1 sports massage session with me can result in a significant change and improvement, if your injury or problem is something that I don’t think can be helped as much with sports massage therapy, then I will make a recommendation for alternative types of therapy that may be more appropriate for you, if that is in your best interests for me to do that. 
Chronic pain and long term persistent injury can result in low mood which in turn is not good for you but is a fact of life that things can weigh on your mind which then tend to influence your behaviour generally, sometimes in ways that mean you do less sport/exercise and general activity, and consume more calories and in some cases alcohol and other substances etc, none of which are good for you in the long term but it does happen. 
The pressures of lifestyles, be it work, family etc can also lead to a heightened level of stress and anxiety, which over a period of time can lead to a tendency to hold your body (particularly the upper back and neck muscles) in a tense state habitually and although it’s difficult to measure this clinically, because what is stressful to one person may not be stressful to another, I can tell you from my experience over the years doing thousands of deep tissue sports massage treatments that anxiety and stress do go hand in hand with muscle tension, more so as we get older, but it can also apply to younger people as well., so it’s often the case that although someone may book a sports massage treatment for their back, for example, when they have had a session with me and realised how good they feel and get that sense of well-being after my style of treatment, they quite often book more sessions in the future as a result. 
I firmly believe that good therapeutic bodywork is helpful as part of a process of recovery, but it has an equally important role in helping you feel good mentally, which is also partly why professional sports value a thorough sports massage treatment, because when you feel good mentally, your expectations rise and you are in a better position to achieve the goals that you are striving for. 
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