We use two of the very best products for our sports massage treatments..... 
There are advantages and disadvantages to using oil for sports massage therapy, if you read my post last year you will note that we can do treatments either with oil, or without oil, (by applying pressure through the towel) and both methods are beneficial, but if you prefer your sports massage treatment to involve the use of oil then we use some of the best quality and high performance oils around, Songbird massage wax, and Neom organics premium body oils, The Songbird wax is a thicker type of cream oil that is applied first and is good to use for deeper massage work where you need some glide but not too much, and the Neom oil can be used over the top of the wax as a luxury scented oil that feels good on your skin (and also leaves you smelling nice!) but its also nice to use for slightly gentler massage to warm down your muscles after some more intense deep tissue sports massage work. 
There are lots of products on the market, but I've done a lot of massage work over the last 10 years and I have found these two products to be good from all angles of use, and yes, they are more expensive than the types of oils that most other therapists will use, but I try to put the quality of service to the next level whenever and however I can! 
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