I have found through experience of doing thousands of deep tissue sports massage treatments that.... 
I have found through experience of doing thousands of deep tissue sports massage treatments, that a high proportion of my customers choose to have a more routine treatment (particular around the neck, upper, middle and lower back muscles) because of the good feeling of wellbeing that they experience after the treatment. Some even tell me they feel high !! 
Contrary to what you may think, or have heard from other people, a very thorough deep tissue massage on the back and upper shoulder area can also feel very relaxing afterwards, (much more so than a spa massage) and by thorough, I mean that the therapist needs to have the manual strength and more importantly CONTROL of how they move along and around the different areas of soft tissue, which are tense either as a result of exercise, but as is more often the case, the tension is as a result of busy work and family lives, and quite often a physical reaction to stress and anxiety. Stress is difficult to quantify clinically because what one person finds stressful, another does not, but one thing that I can tell you is that some firm pressure applied by a skilled and experienced therapist around the back and neck muscles will always make you feel a lot better, regardless of the reason for booking the sports massage appointment. The treatment does not have to involve the use of oil either, I do lots of treatments that involve me just applying strong pressure through a towel (for better grip) along different muscles, which means the clients don’t need to change down, or expose skin, and this also feels great and is particularly effective at increasing the blood flow to the area. 
Whichever way you prefer the treatment to be done, its an investment in your own wellbeing, You only get one body and mind, so look after it!. 
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