“I did not consider how important massage was during my boxing career and I’m sure I could have benefitted had I discovered Jim sooner. The intensity of my training has always been high, however when I started triathlon a couple of years ago, I really had to take precautionary measures to prevent injury and to.. 
and to allow my body to jump from one discipline to another. Admittedly I have spindly, gazelle like legs, so when Jim gets his hands on them, they’re getting it. Jim uses the perfect amount of pressure during his deep tissue sports massage, which can be painful, but ultimately I’m not looking for a rub and a tickle. I’m looking for muscle repair and Jim’s style of massage delivers every time. I’ve had firm massages administered by others in the past, one guy in particular I feel caused a back spasm a week later. Jim has great knowledge of the body and knows where to press down hard, and which muscles to manipulate. As a result no such damage or rather injury has been caused or exacerbated by Jim, it’s been the complete opposite which is why I continue to use Jim as I prepare for Ironman Zurich 2016, and why I am more than happy to recommend his services”. China Clarke 
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