" As a professional belly dancer and yoga instructor I put my body through the mill on a regular basis. I first went for sports massage because my trapezius muscles in particular would sometimes feel like a solid bar – I carry all my stress and tension there.  
My shoulders released a lot after just one treatment and regular visits have made all the difference. My shoulders feel more free, open and relaxed – which in turn impacts my dance and yoga practice. It has also made me feel less stressed in the first place! 
I have a busy schedule but I make time for treatments whenever I can – I see it as an integral part of my fitness regime, just as important as working out for keeping my body in top condition. 
Jim isn’t just great at sports massage, he is a real sweetheart and a gentleman, making treatments a genuine pleasure – even when my shoulders are a bit sore!!! He is super attentive and careful to adjust pressure to my needs so I always feel very well looked after. 
I can unreservedly recommend him." 
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