Vibration therapy has been around quite a long time, in the form of either some simple plug in hand held devices or the vibrating platforms that you can stand or sit on such as the power plate machines...... 
They are all quite useful for loosening up tight muscle, but contrary to what people think, they are not meant to be pushed deeply into the muscle, the fast percussive/vibration actually helps induce relaxation in the localised area being treated, and so they are not as intense as a deep tissue sports massage, but they are quite useful for warming up muscles either prior to exercise or before a more intensive style of hands on sports massage. 
There are a couple of new products currently coming onto the market, namely the Theragun and Hypervolt, both are good products in their own right, and the main advantage is that they have rechargeable batteries that mean you can use them outside or at sporting/outdoor events without the need to plug them into a wall socket which is handy for obvious reasons. The Theragun packs a bit more punch in terms of pressure, but the Hypervolt (pictured above) is very quiet and smooth in use which makes it particularly useful in a therapy room environment. The Hypervolt has also been shown to increase circulation to the area of muscle being worked on when viewed under thermal imaging technology. 
I don’t usually use anything except my own hands for my treatments but if you’d like me to use this on you as part of warming up your muscles before or after the hands on deep sports massage, then just ask me next time you book in for an appointment. 
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