Posts from March 2018

People’s perception of any kind of sports massage treatment usually involves the use of oil directly onto the skin, and this is the most favourable method, but it’s not entirely necessary on every occasion... 
One of the most common complaints that I see is shoulder pain... 
A lot of people that I treat have ongoing aches and pains that can be directly linked to the nature of the work that they do. Sometimes it may be related to poor posture, sometimes it is due to a lot of manual handling, but whatever the cause the end result can be a lot of discomfort for the person affected. 
Sports massage is a combination of deep tissue massage techniques that are very effective for loosening up areas of tightness in muscles. 
Back pain affects most people at some point in their lifetime, old or young, active or inactive, the reasons are varied but I’ve found a few similarities between the cases I see whilst treating people using sports massage therapy. 
Happy feet!  
Your feet really do an incredible amount of work on a daily basis-every time that you walk, run, jump, dance, the forces that your body exerts to initiate movement are transferred through your feet directly to the ground, and as a result, sometimes your feet may need a bit of ‘me time’ to get them feeling in tip top shape again! 
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