With various types of massage and physical therapy services available..... 
With the various different types of massage services available, as well as other different complimentary types of therapy, you may be wondering what is the right thing for you…. 
This is actually an area of confusion for a lot of people, for example, if they have back pain, they may instantly think they need to have some kind of adjustment performed on their spine, because they think they have a ‘trapped nerve’. On other occasions, someone may present with a sudden restriction in movement in their neck, and think it’s something that has just happened over night- (that may be the case but often muscles in the neck were probably over tight for a long period of time before the onset of symptoms) and they then assume they need a different type of treatment. 
A particular thing I’ve learned over the last 15 years working as a sports massage practitioner is that there isn’t always a ‘one stop shop’ to solve your problem, it can often be a combination of services that yield the best result for you, but I do have the experience to know if my type of work is suitable for you after just a few sessions, and if I think you need something else instead, then I am always in contact with other practitioners offering different services that I feel may be of benefit to you, then I’ll make that recommendation. 
If your requirement is to find a type of service that you can do periodically to ‘iron out’ areas of muscle tension in your body, which often build up over time from everyday stresses and strains of work, business or physical activity, then my service is perfect for you, and don’t forget, the act of taking time out to have some quality sports massage work done is also beneficial to your mind, as well as your muscles, and you’ll always have a feeling of improved mood and, or, better quality of sleep in the hours and days afterwards. 
From your perspective as the person receiving therapy, you should also bear in mind that an experienced and skilled massage therapist will often make you aware of areas of tension in your muscles that feel tight or uncomfortable, even if you weren’t aware of this yourself, and as such he/she could identify things for you, that they may not be able to sort out with massage work, but it may be something that can be fixed by another type of therapy, either in combination with sports massage, or instead of, and so at the very least, seeing me for a treatment will set you on the right track, either purely as a result of my style of therapy, or by the work of another type of therapy that I’ll guide you towards, for the best outcome. 
I’ve found over a long period of time, that I now have quite a diverse range of customers using my service, some initially come in with some specific aches and pains, but after a few sessions they find it beneficial to make my treatments part of their lifestyle. Many customers come to see me simply to get their body feeling more supple from leading a busy lifestyle, or even as a counter balance to ongoing anxiety, which can affect a lot of people at some point, so try to make some time for a thorough sports massage whatever is happening in your life.😁 
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