Virtual reality (VR) is already widely in use in a variety of different industries..... 
Relax VR and Active VR 
Virtual reality (VR) is already widely in use in a variety of different industries, however it’s rare to find it in the massage and therapy sector, this type of immersive experience can help as a meditative aid, in that it helps you ‘detach’ from your surroundings and escape to another space, and as a result can leave you feeling calmer and more mellow, and it may also be useful in alleviating stress and anxiety in some people. 
It feels good to do this either as an add on session after some deep tissue sports massage work, or as a longer session of relaxation therapy on its own, where you can get lost in a variety of different experiences and also try out a more energetic experience by gliding over the Alps with the Icaros active VR system- cruise at low altitude over the frozen lakes, then ascend gradually taking in the details of the landscape. For the best experience, increase your altitude so that you look down at the snow capped terrain, this also helps you to maintain a neutral spine position through your neck and thoracic area. Active VR tones muscle whilst you take some important chillout time for your mind, and it feels great! 
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