For a long time I have seen how self massage can help decrease pain and maintain the benefits of massage between appointments..... 
My clients who use these tools have a better awareness of where their pain is, what causes it, and often report less pain and tension between appointments.These simple yet innovative tools can be used on a daily basis as part of a stretching and mobility routine, or as part of a warm up and / or warm down for a training session. I personally use this type of product before lifting weights, but also during my day at work, I find it beneficial to have a quick loosener on my back (spinal erectors) as I constantly use these muscles as part of the process of giving a deep tissue sports massage. 
There are lots of different products on the market, but my personal favourite is the Highballer (see photo above). It’s actually the worlds first rotating twin ball massager on a width adjustable base, the advantage gained from this is that it allows you to apply deeper, more precise pressure to specific points that you choose to work on, whether it be your calf muscles, glutes, spinal erectors, forearms or IT band, and because the width between the balls is adjustable you can find the right fit for how you want to target a group of muscles. 
The more of this self massage work you can do, the better you will feel when you come in for a sports massage treatment! 
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