More people than ever are incorporating strength training into their fitness routine. A balanced exercise routine of cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility work will always keep you in a better state. Weight training and strength training in particular can actually be very therapeutic for your muscles because of the increased blood flow to specific muscles which many of you will know of when you experience the ‘pump’. 
Massage therapy is not only for relaxation and injury recovery, it also provides you with many strength training benefits that will help enhance your performance and results. If you only consider getting a massage when you are overworked or injured, you may be limiting the benefits of what is the most hands on and thorough form of physical therapy. 
These are some of the benefits of Sports massage therapy for strength/weight training: 
Greater Range of Motion 
A good sports massage therapist uses a combination of deep tissue massage techniques to help reduce tension. This directly applied pressure improves your flexibility.When tight muscles are relaxed, you are able to move the muscles and the joints through a greater range of motion. As a result, your muscles are strengthened throughout the entire range of motion. In contrast, when your muscles are overly tight, training results are limited and can be affected by the lack of flexibility. This is one of the many strength training benefits a sports massage will give you. 
Reduced Muscular Discomfort 
Not only does a massage increase your body's release of endorphins, which are a natural painkiller, massage works in other ways to reduce your muscle soreness. When you receive a massage, the muscle temperature increases. This increase in heat also increases blood flow to the area. Fresh blood helps to repair muscle fibres faster which reduces discomfort and helps you return to your workouts sooner. 
Increased Muscle Tone 
Receiving weekly or monthly massages keeps you in touch with your body. As the therapist massages your muscles, you become more in tune with each area and are able to focus on a specific muscle. This carries over into your workout sessions. It can enable you to be more in tune with the feeling of isolating a specific group of muscles (you still need to use strict form). For example, when you perform a specific exercise with a barbell or dumbbell, rather than simply focusing on pushing or pulling the weight, you will now be a bit more aware of ‘feeling’ the muscle working to support the movement, as a result of the sports massage treatment, which always yields better results for you. These small changes have a large affect on your workout and your results. When you are able to contract and isolate specific muscles during strength training, your muscle tone improves faster.You are targeting the muscles more precisely and are using both your time and your energy more efficiently. 
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